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on the Strategic Research Agendas defining ICT research priorities for Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYR of Macedonia, and Serbia!

The on-line consultations lasted from 5th November 2007 until 14th December 2007 and contributed to the finalisation of the Strategic Research Agendas that define the ICT research priorities for the above Western Balkan countries in the period 2007-2013.

An initial Strategic Research Agenda per country, defining a set of ICT research priorities, had previously been identified by a pool of ICT experts in Western Balkan countries, and was made available for feedback through this site.

By answering 3 simple questions, the participants actively contributed to defining the most suitable ICT research priorities that reflect each country actual needs and capacities as well as to the development of a Policy Paper for the EU Commission with “Recommendations for shaping EU scientific co-operation with the Western Balkan Region in the field of ICT research: 2007-2013”.

By clicking on the following links you can access the specific country consultation pages that were available during the on-line consultation phase.

Open Consultation for Albania Open Consultation for Albania
English | Shqip
Open Consultation for Bosnia & Herzegovina Open Consultation for Bosnia & Herzegovina
English | Bosanski
Open Consultation for FYR of Macedonia Open Consultation for FYR of Macedonia
English | Macedonian
Open Consultation for Serbia Open Consultation for Serbia
English | Srpski

Thank you for having provided your opinion! The final version of the Strategic Research agendas and of the Policy paper will be made available at!

The SCORE project team